Vanadinite with Calcite
Cabinet, 11.0 x 6.2 x 4.8 cm
San Carlos, Chihuahua, Mexico
Ex. David and Emily Stoudt
Before the Moroccan material hit the market, San Carlos produced the best vermillion colored Vanadinite. This specimen has a great combination of the jackstraw habit in tandem with associated small rhombs of Calcite. Since these crystals are fragile, this habit tends to have broken crystals on older specimens. However, despite the typical damage, this specimen is a fine example of this older material. The mine is right near the border with the United States and Big Bend National Park. Formerly it was called the “Apex Mine” but “San Carlos Mine” is considered the correct locality name. The recent find has larger, prismatic crystals; however, the color of this piece still makes this a standout specimen.
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