Samarskite-(Y) with REE-fluoride alteration
Spinelli Quarry, South Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 7.0 x 6.0 cm

Samarskite is a rare earth oxide that almost never forms sharp and large crystals, and this crystal group is composed of elongated, malachite-green crystals, to 4.5 cm in length. Ex. Drs. Bruce and Miranda Jarnot collection along with their label noting the following facts: the surface is an REE fluoride alteration confirmed by x-ray in 2002 at Univ New Orleans; and the piece came from the old 1800s-era collection at Wesleyan University. Bruce built what must have been the most important overall collection of documented specimens of the REE species, from USA localities. He sold it off over a decade ago, and some few turn up on the market still. This piece, from my experience, is unique. It also seems to be the only beautiful/colorful samarskite out there, and is therefore a pretty AND significant USA specimen. 830 grams - almost two pounds in weight, in this relatively small volume! Samarium is massive, and this is full of it. NOTE: Dr. Wilbur Foye visited the site in 1932 and realized its potential to supply uranium-rich samarskite for radiogenic determinations. This specimen is probably one collected by Wilbur Foye or by Vito Spinelli in 1933 and is not from the 1800s. It was probably housed with the older collection (information courtesy of Tony Albini).