Sainte-Lucie Mine, St. Leger-de-Peyre, Marvejols, Occitanie, France
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 2.0 x 0.8 cm
Ex. Paul Zerfass
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This exceptional thumbnail stolzite is from a find of this species in the 1990's from the Sainte-Lucie mine, France. This small, but notable lead-zinc mine produced the best of species crystals of stolzite and this piece as well as other pieces in this update are superb examples. These tabular, parallel growth crystal have well defined faces and edges with sumptuous caramel color and satin to adamantine luster with the largest crystal measuring an impressive 1.8 cm across. These flaxen crystals have the same crystal form as wulfenite and stolzite is a lead tungstate while wulfenite is a lead molybdate. Ex. Paul Zerfass collection with label. RARE on the market and huge for the species! Spectacular piece from the important French suite of French field collector, Paul Zerfass (see Le Regne Minerale article on the collection, available by request).