Azurite with Malachite
Milpillas Mine, Sonora, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 9.2 x 6.0 x 4.8 cm
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Milpilas flowed azurite, and then flowed some more when we thought the oxidation zone would not give up more (watercourse pocket going down into the oxidized orebody), and then finally came to a crashing end for supply of the worl'ds best and most prolific azurite finds in all of history. Nevertheless, amongst the crowd of azurites so good that everybody can now own a great azurite in any price range, there are special things that stand out. This is such a piece: I stashed this piece in 2012, from a special 2011 or 2012 pocket I loved with these robust, 3-dimensional crystals that looked more like Tsumeb azurites (but more blue), than the typical Milpillas styles to date. The crystal is 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm and stands proud and dramatically upon a white matrix with a little wreathe of smaller, slender crystals at its base, like a birds nest. The crystal is undamaged and pristine, and has fantastic color. It shows some partial alteration to malachite, particularly on 2 faces. So, on two faces it looks like a 3-dimensional azurite with riveting deep blue and flashes of "blue skin," and on the other two sides it looks like malachite, with hints of the blue azurite poking through the alteration surface. For size, balance, and aesthetics, I have always thought this to be one of the best of the finds, notable even out of thousands of pieces. Comes with a custom lucite base. Rotating 360 Video available here: https://goo.gl/nEPjnp