Wheal Gorland, St. Day, Gwennap, Cornwall, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 3.8 x 2.9 cm
Ex. Simon Lawrence; Nick Carruth
Connellite is one of the rarest of the beautiful Cornish mineral species and seldom seen beyond micros or small smears on a rock. This is a significant piece, large and rich! Acicular, fan shaped, metallic and lustrous crystals of connellite are nicely emplaced in a shallow vug where they are mostly protected. Ex. Nick Carruth collection, and comes along with his label. Two much older collection labels are also present, including part of what is an old Boubee and Company label from Paris in the 1800s. This large piece is rich and colorful, and among the best Cornwall connellites to come to market in a long time.