Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 3.1 x 2.6 cm
Golconda Mine, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil
A gorgeous matrix specimen, one of the few from the pocket of end of 2016: an extremely lightweight feldspar that feels almost hollowed out inside, hosts elegantly perched, pearlescent and translucent, doubly terminated white crystals of bertrandite, to 3.9 cm in length. This is a rare matrix example of the species, and the display quality of the bertrandite perched upon a stalk of feldspar is unlikely to have survived mining (let alone millions of years or more underground!). It is a complete 360-degree, freestanding crystal, just sitting there atop, on full display. Amazing! Most people are now saying these are the best ever examples for the species. The pocket was found in the end of 2016, and no more has been found since.
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