Calcite included by Copper, on Copper
Miniature, 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm
Quincy Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA

A "jewel" calcite from Michigan is one of the most treasured of Copper Country classics, for the collector. With or without copper inclusions, they are few and far between, and seldom come up for sale. While there are many styles and pockets of copper-included calcites from this old mining region, only a very few are called "jewels" when they have the stunning transparency of crystals like this, and must be near-floaters showing all terminations. In person, it is actually even more gemmy than it appears in the photos, as well. A small bit of copper on the back, and included into the bottom of the crystal, adds color. This crystal is perched on a tiny bit of copper matrix and is otherwise fully terminated and complete all around, with no damage at all. The luster is excepttional, although difficult for the camera to capture because of the clarity and gemminess. Overall, one of the best examples in this size range, that I have seen out there for sale, and good enough to be in a museum on Copper Country. While nobody can prove it for this specimen, these are mostly considered to have come out prior to WWII or even earlier. Previous dealer label included, noting $5000 some years ago.