Hyalite Opal and Aragonite
Kopasz Hill, Tarcal, Zemplen Mts, Hungary
Cabinet, 10.2 x 7.0 x 4.4 cm

This dramatic large specimen, one of the few this size recovered, shows off a HUGE, 10 cm flower (almost a bouquet in and of itself!) that extends the entire length of this cabinet specimen. The Hyalite Opal glitters and shines beautifully, and there is even some Aragonite in the upper portion. The specimen displays horizontally or either way, vertically! Great fluorescence, makes it look like a neon waterfall under UV light, but it sparkles and shows nicely in normal light as well, with the fantastic luster and clarity throughout. One of the finest specimens in the find, and among the largest of quality. Photos do not do this one justice, though we tried without exaggeration or extreme Photoshop. It is just simply hard to photo for depth and luster.