Parahopeite stalactite
Kabwe (Broken Hill), Kabwe District, Central Province, Zambia (Rhodesia)
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.4 cm
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An unusual and elegant stalactite/stalagmite composed of white, adamantine, parahopeite crystals to 7mm that cover two-thirds of a manganese oxide and hematite coated parahopeite spire that serves as the nucleus on which the parahopeite grew. Local, minor iron staining imparts a peach color to these hydrated zinc phosphate crystals. Broken ends on a "cross-member" reveal the structure in cross-section. Old Broken Hill mine specimens of any kind are extremely difficult to obtain these days, especially good ones like this which are also aesthetic! An early Arkenstone label comes with this oldtimer - from the mid 1990s, with my notes from the collection I bought it from. The collector who owned it (Dan Ehrling of Milwaukee) was a mine engineer in Kabwe and traded this from the National Museum of Southern Rhodesia, in 1961 (his label is attached and notes this). I had this last in the 1990s and was surprised to be able to buy it back recently!