Rutile on Hematite
Miniature, 4.1 x 2.0 x 1.2 cm
Ambositra District, Amoroni Mania Region, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
This combination specimen is so good that on first glance my thought was that it had to be a fake. It features an exceptional hematite "rose" of Alpine quality, but from Madagascar, perched atop a single robust rutile crystal! The hematite is sharp and fine. It has a fantastic luster that is hard to convey in a photo, though. The piece is complete all around, 360 degrees, with no damage. It is just a remarkable miniature by any standard, for the contrasts of color and texture, and the unlikely association of hematite ON rutile instead of the reverse which we so often see from other localities (Brazil, Swiss, etc.). This is one of a group of 3 choice specimens of similar size which came out in 2014, and were retained by a dealer who sold the larger parcel of generally larger, but less finely aesthetic, specimens. It is aesthetic and beautiful by any standard, and is complete all around. It is simply one of the finest specimens period that I have seen from the locale, though there were many of larger size. Joe Budd photos. (this specimen goes with items 1571 and 1663 as a nice suite of three).