Pentagonite with Cavansite
Wagholi Quarries, Wagholi, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 5.7 x 4.5 cm
Pentagonite is the rare (very much so) dimorph of Cavansite. This means that they are the same chemistry but are actually different crystal forms, and tus different species. As rare as pentagonite is (the first Indian specimens were only found many years after the first cavansites), it is even more incredibly rare to find the two species in close association as on this piece. The specimen hosts a magnificent large pentagonite "tree" 3 cm tall, nestled into a protective pocket of stilbite and basalt matrix. There are two pentagonite crystals of this size, and between them are several clusters of cavansite crystals to 1 cm. All is sparkly and beautiful! The pentagonites are significant for the size, and for the aesthetics of the piece as a whole, together making this overall to my eye one of the finest examples of the species I know of. Mined in late 2015, this was the finest specimen of a small and special pocket, which I obtained directly from the source. Joe Budd photos.