Wuling Antimony Mine, Shaft 3, Qingjiang, Jiangxi Province, China (mined 2001)
Large Cabinet, 29.2 x 3.9 x 2.1 cm
An extrordinarily elegant cluster of bright metallic stibnite from the now-infamous finds of several years ago which produced such an abundance of fine stibnite as to be unprcedented. Prices dropepd for awhile but they do seem to be coming back up, and I have seen clusters not this good from some further new finds go for double the old prices, already. This cluster was one of my first choices at the time, for price and quality and aesthetic balance combined. It has only trivial edge wear but by and large is in very good shape. It is complete and displayable from all 4 sides. I recently got it back from the collector who has owned it these last 3 years because it is simply too large to fit in his showcase. Keep that size in mind!