Zektzerite (rough and cut set)
Washington Pass, Okanogan County, Washington (Type Locality)
Thumbnail, 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm (Crystal), 0.15 ct (Gem)
1.5 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm (Specimen); 0.15 carats; 3.10 mm (Gem) - This is certainly one of the most rare and desired minerals/gems for rarities collectors. A rough and cut SET is even more desirable as little material is available on the market these days, and it's difficult to even find cut stones. This species was named in 1976 after Jack Zektzer, a mineral collector from Seattle, Washington, who presented the material for study. This set features a sharp, well-formed, notably lustrous AND gemmy, soft peach-tan colored crystal of the highly sought after silicate, Zektzerite with a small amount of attached matrix along with a small "Square Brilliant" cut gem with only very very slight inclusions. Either the crystal or the stone would be a worthwhile purchase for any collector, but together this is a great opportunity for anybody interested in the material. The crystal was difficult to photograph, but looks great in person especially since it's sharp, lustrous AND gemmy.