Pyrosmalite-(Mn) with Barite
Nordmark, Sweden
Miniature, 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.0 cm

A formidable, grouping of stout, sub-parallel, well-formed, brown-red, hexagonal crystals of pyrosmalite-(Fe) to 1cm in length and 0.5cm across exhibit a "sparkly" appearance locally due to a dusting of a green, chlorite group mineral and colorless, micro calcite crystals. A single crystal of yellow barite is perched across the top of one of the pyrosmalite-(Fe) pinacoid terminations and few translucent, gray-white, 2-5mm quartz crystals are scattered about. This is a great display piece for the species and there is no damage. This is a very old piece from workings probably circa 1900 or before, and such specimens are few and far between. Unlike most, it is actually aesthetic and displays well! I buy every one of these I see for sale, reasonably, any more.