Ullmannite and Breithauptite
Sarrabus, Cagliari Province, Sardinia, Italy
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.6 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Giancarlo Fioravanti
This superb rarity features over a half-dozen sharp, cubic Ulmannite crystals on massive, microcrystalline matrix. The Ullmannites reach up to a respectable 8 mm, and they have excellent, metallic luster. Ullmannites, a rare nickel, antimony sulfide that forms in the isometric system, is one of those rare bystanders that were infrequently saved in collecting more glamorous species. There are even purplish microcrystals of Breithauptite on some of the Ullmanite subes and the matrix. Sarrabus is a very important, ancient silver district. What is amazing about this specimen is that the piece actually has some display aesthetics, whereas most are embedded in massive, ugly ore.