Cabinet, 15.0 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm
Djouga, Kayes Region, Mali
Ex. Rock Currier
A superb prehnite that is certainly one of the finest examples of this find, and a contender for among the best of species in my opinion. This was purchased from the collection of Rock Currier in a small group of Mali prehnites he let go to me before he passed away. He and a partner controlled nearly all of the high quality production from this prolific locality and cherrypicked it for years. This would be one of the very top specimens, and they are also unique in form and aspect compared to prehnite from other localities. The piece is robust and 3-dimensional. It stands straight up on a custom display base and can be viewed from all sides. When well backlit (we did not overdo it in the photos), it really glows nicely with apple-green translucency. Prehnite, luckily, is not valued the same way as some more "glamorous species," and so you can still get a world class specimen for a reasonable price.