Tourmaline, Quartz, Stibiotantalite
Letpenha, Mogok, Burma
Cabinet, 12.9 x 12.2 x 10.4 cm
Ex. William (Bill) Larson
HUNDREDS of cute, translucent, terminated, pink tourmaline crystals to 1 cm in length are aesthetically emplaced on a matrix of gemmy, colorless quartz crystals (to 4.6 cm in length). At the base of the specimen and at either side are two very rare yellow stibiotantalite crystals, to 3.8 cm in length. They are tabular, crystals with good luster. A rather unique specimen from Mogok! The mass is 468 grams. From the Burma collection of "Burma Bill" Larson, who has for decades brought out gems and then minerals as this region opened up to the trade in specimens. The form and style of this piece, is indeed, dramatic because of the multitude of tourmaline crystals. Very rare in this combination, and from an unusual Mogok locale.