Sakavalana Pegmatite, Ambatovita, Antsirabe, Madagascar
Miniature, 3.8 x 3.1 x 1.0 cm
Pezzottaite, named after our friend Dr. Federico Pezzotta of Milan who brought it to light, is the only recently identified new species of beryl (2003). It is a red beryl with unique color due to Cesium, apparently. Large crystals were few and far between, and none have been found since 2005. This is a superb, complete crystal except only for a small contacted notch at bottom, and with robust color. It is also highly translucent, more so than the photos indicate because we did not want to add too much backlighting, but with any decent backlighting you really can see this is extremely translucent. Many crystals of this size were cut into cabochons which show a striking color and often a cat's-eye pattern. This crystal is 23 grams. Shown here both with slight backlighting, and without. Joe Budd Photos.