Cumengeite (Set Of 3 Complete, Floater Crystals Circa. 1890S)
Santa Rosalia (El Boleo), Boleo District, Baja California, Mexico
Thumbnail, 1.2; 0.9 ; 0.7; 0.8 cm
Cumengeite was found here just prior to 1900 and incredible specimens of this rare silver species were brought back to France by the great french mining explorer, Edouard Cumenge. Cumengeite is MUCH MORE RARE than the boleite from this locality, with only about 1 cumengeite found per several hundred boleite specimens recovered in a modern (1970s) re-mining effort. To this day, sometimes one can get lucky and see these crystals turn up in old collections in France - the source for these crystals which were highgraded by a French collector over many years of watching for them at such dispersals. A small new find came to market in the 1970s through the collecting duo of Bill Larson and Ed Swoboda, who rediscovered and worked the same site - but these are actually from the older finds. The older crystals, from my comparisons of the modern material to the museums' older material, tend to be more robust and with generally sharper faces and a brighter color. These definitely are from the older finds, though in any case ANY good cumengeite crystal is quite rare. Each crystal here is very sharp, very bright, and shows the stunning twinned sixling symmetry that the best examples are known for. These crystals are good sized, with one just over 1 centimeter. ALL ARE RAZOR SHARP AND COMPLETE FLOATERS, and this should be considered a premium in rarity. Joe Budd photos 1.2; 0.9; 0.7; 0.8 cm