Albite With Hematite
Enosburg Falls Stone Quarry, Enosburgh, Franklin County, Vermont
Miniature, 5.3 x 5.2 x 3.2 cm
Aesthetically emplaced among a nest of lustrous and translucent, white albite crystals to 2 cm in length is a cluster of two superbly crystallized, intergrown hematite rosettes (or "eisenrosen"). They look for all the world like a rosette of hematite from Switzerland ("eisenrosen"). The larger cluster of parallel-grown crystals of hematite, which should obviously be considered quite large for the locale based on what else I have here, is 2.6 cm across. It has some minor contact where it grew against chlorite matrix on the right side, and only a tiny nick on the back side of the larger hematite keeps it from being technically pristine and it is otherwise complete. An outstanding combination of color and texture contrasts, we feel this is a major US specimen for the species and locality. In fact, this pocket produced seemingly the only good hematite rosettes of such robust style that I am aware of from the East Coast of the USA (and I asked the same of several museum curators who confirmed this as well). As a combo specimen, it is also aesthetic and displays well.