Stilbite-Ca, Apophyllite-(Kf)
Nasik District, Maharashtra, India
Large Cabinet, 20.3 x 11.2 x 8.7 cm
I know that Indian Zeolite specimens are everywhere, but of all the colors that you see from India, you rarely get such a vibrant and eye catching color contrast such as this specimen exhibits. It features several large, lustrous, beautiful reddish pink bladed Stilbite crystals measuring up to 4.5 cm intermixed with gemmy, glassy, blocky, yellowish-green Apophyllite crystals measuring up to 4.2 cm. Considering that the majority of Stilbite crystals rarely have color (typically white or tan), it's a great joy to see Stilbite crystals that really stand out. This specimen is from a pocket found about 4 years ago.