Lushi, Lushi Co., Sanmenxia Prefecture, Henan Province, China
Large Cabinet, 16.8 x 5.4 x 5.4 cm
This Chinese stibnite is NOT from Wuling, like all the others around today, but from the older mining district - and the appearance of the crystals is accordingly different as well - not just the chunky thickness, but the gunmetal surface luster (like Romanian ones) that some prefer to the mirror-metallic look of the abundant ones from Wuling. These big, fat crystals are terminated. One has a contact on the back side of the termination that you cannot see from the preferred display face, and there are shallow natural contacts on the smaller crystals on the front side where they grew against other crystals. The small crystals on the back side are not complete, but what is important is that you have this wonderful display side with the crystals so beautifully arranged in relation to one another, and little damage per se. It is a most impressive piece, for sheer size and robustness. Old style, too, quite different than what you would obtain at a show today from China. From a private collection.