Nagyag, Sacarimb, Romania
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 4.6 x 3.7 cm
Nagyagite is a LEAD/GOLD/TELLURIUM/ANTIMONY sulfide This amazingly rich specimen of nagyagite is quite simply the best I have ever seen for sale by a long shot. It is an extremely rare mineral and this is from the type locality, probably dating to the 1800s if not before. It is covered on both sides bu sharp, freestanding crystals to an inch in size, and is a very 3-dimensional piece. Not only is it better than any other I have seen, at least for sale, but it also has more nagyagite than any number of other specimens combined. It is, in fact, almost a solid growth of arborescent nagyagite completely covering the matrix. This piece has some Xeroxes of old labels (not originals) indicating some possible historical pedigree and is clearly one of the more important specimens in the update irregardless of the details in that regard. This piece came out at Tucson in a suite of natives "said to be" from the John Marshall Collection, though perhaps a mixup occurred because subsequent contact with John proves otherwise. I have noted this explicitly only because I previously had the piece attributed to him on this site. It is not so.