Djebel Haminate Mine, Ain Beida, Constantine Province, Algeria
Small Cabinet, 5.5 x 3.3 x 1.8 cm
Senarmontite is an uncommon antimony oxide and this excellent, rich specimen is from the Type Locality in Algeria - the Djebel Haminate Mine. Sharp, waxy luster, translucent, gray senarmontite octahedrons to 6 mm cover all three sides of the 3-dimensional massive senarmontite matrix. This is a rare species, and these old specimens were found by the old French exploration service BRGM, prior to the 1950s and even as far back as the 1850s. Odds are that this was one of the specimens found on one of those French expeditions. You seldom see any examples of this species in crystalline form except from this locality, and from here usually just thumbnail loose crystals. This is a remarkable, large, matrix specimen. Ex. John Ydren Collection.