Amity, Orange Co., New York (TYPE LOCALITY)
Cabinet, 14.5 x 11.0 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Rice Northwest Museum; James Madison University
I am told that this is one of the best examples from this type locality that is extant, a rich specimen with dozens on dozens of rounded crystals exceeding 1 cm in size! I cannot say it is the most beautiful mineral from Amity, but it is certainly a significant specimen nonetheless. Comes with old University label. I am told by an East Coast collector friend that this is as sexy as they get: The ones from (a small find done in the course of further research here) 13 years prior make the one you have look like a beauty contest winner. They were typically elongated and not 3-dimensional crystals. I have one, and would send it out as leaverite if I did not know better. This one is better...and it comes from JMU, a very trusted source