Sunnyside Mine (American Tunnel; Mogul Mine; Washington Mine; Belle Creole; Gold Prince; Brenneman Mine; Sunnyside Mine Group), Howardsville, Silverton District, San Juan Co., Colo
Cabinet, 10.2 x 6.1 x 0.6 cm
Pyroxmangite is a fairly simple, yet fairly rare manganese silicate which is rarely found in such rich specimens at the Sunnyside mine in Colorado. This piece is an incredible polished slab of nearly 100% pink Pyroxmangite. This piece is about as rich a sample as I have seen from this mine, and although it is massive pyroxmangite, there's more of it on this slab than the majority of crystallized specimens I have seen combined. For a long time, this material was thought to be Rhodonite, but this is not the case. Considering that Pyroxmangite is even rarer than Rhodonite. Ex. Richard Kosnar Collection.