Florencite-(Ce), Uvite, Magnesite
Serra das Eguas, Brumado (Bom Jesus dos Meiras), Bahia, Brazil
Cabinet, 10.2 x 7.9 x 5.7 cm
Florencite-(Ce) is a very rare, rare-earth, cerium-rich phosphate. This excellent and aesthetically well-composed cabinet combination specimen features a striking matrix of three generations of magnesite crystals: sparkly salmon-pink, microcrystals on one face; glassy, water-clear rhombs to 1.0 cm on another face; and all on a matrix microcrystalline magnesite. Gemmy, olive-green uvite crystals to 5 mm are nicely clustered, but the highlight of this specimen, is the isolated, euhedral, straw-yellow florencite-(Ce) crystal to 6 mm on the left side of the piece. This is a very fine combination specimen, including this rare phosphate.