Toenail, 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.25 cm
Wood's Chrome Mine (Wood's Mine), Texas, Little Britain Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, USA
A remarkable specimen featuring unusually translucent and sharp hexagonal crystals to 3 x 3 x 1.25 cm erupting from massive platy brucite...such large freestanding crystals are exceedingly uncommon! Once cleaned it surprised me with a great transparency and luster that had been hidden under 100 years of grime. This specimen is a real killer for the locality and is a displayable, somewhat attractive piece as uncommon combo. Because of the widely known association between this now-defunct but classic locality and noted collector William Jefferis who was the major collector of this material in the mid to late 1800's, these specimens often are dear to collectors of antique US minerals and localities. 8 x 4 x 3 cm