Amelia Mine, Santa Rosalia (El Boleo), Boleo District, Mun. de Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Thumbnail, 1.2 cm
Thumbnails (mixed sizes). Boleite is a very rare silver species that only here occurs in large crystals in this quality. After its first discovery in the late 1800s, it was a classic for Mexico, but a little off the beaten track as far as geography goes, compared to the rest of the Mexican minerals we see on the market, and in this collection. This is a complete suite of different crystal habits for the species with the largest crystal about 1.2 cm, all found by field-collectors Bill Larson and Ed Swoboda in 1973. Romero got it directly from Larson, in the 1970s. This specimen from the Dr Miguel Romero collection was on loan exhibition to the University of Arizona Museum for over a decade, until my purchase of this collection in 2008. It was on display in special cases at the museum, and has since been featured in the book "The Miguel Romero Collection of Mexico Minerals" which we sponsored as a special supplement book (published by the Mineralogical Record in December of 2008) .