Alston Moor District, North Pennines, North and Western Region (Cumberland), Cumbria, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 5.8 x 5.2 x 4.2 cm
A historic, old-time specimen of solid, well-crystallized, lustrous and translucent, tan barytocalcite crystals from the Type Locality area of the Alston Moor District of England. This old-timer has a small A.E. Foote label glued to the back of the piece. A.E. Foote was a world-famous mineral dealer, who died in 1895 and this label dates to the 1880-1895 period. This piece also comes with a Warner & Grieger label, prominent California dealers and collectors prior to World War II. This piece was in the John Grieger Collection. Ex. Dennis Mullane Collection.