E-Book Greenbank

The Lindsay Greenbank Collection
Classic Minerals of Northern England

This collection is of such importance and educational value that this special edition of The Mineralogical Record was produced after a year and a half of work. Many Americans are unfamiliar with these British localities, and yet it is a region containing many famous localities; names that resonate with collectors but have carried a certain mystery. Illustrated in full color, over 100 superb specimens are included from the comprehensive and well-documented collection of Lindsay and Patricia Greenbank. The level of detail included makes it an important reference work for any serious collection. Enjoy the maps, crystal drawings, old historic specimen labels, and 40 locality photos old and new that give new depth and life to the story.

This e-book is provided for free online thanks to the generosity of The Mineralogical Record. Please click here to purchase a copy of the book.

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