Exclusive Tour of The Arkenstone Gallery

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The Arkenstone, Dr. Robert Lavinsky

Tour of the Arkenstone Gallery (Private Gallery and Museum) - Richardson, TX

The Arkenstone is perhaps the world's foremost dealer of "Nature's Art," crystals from the ground in their natural and beautiful form. Dr. Lavinsky was instrumental in the design of our city's Perot Museum Lyda Hill Gallery of Gems & Minerals as a space that puts the artistic beauty of important objects front and center, as opposed to being second to other considerations. Many of the pieces in that exhibit are on loan from his collections. He has a family-oriented reality TV show on PBS television called "Mineral Explorers," now planning for a third season in China and India. Dr. Lavinsky is one of the world's largest collectors of Fine Minerals and Crystals as an Art form, and will give a guided tour of his gallery and private museum to educate about how these form in nature, and then survive to the market for collectors and museums (if you ever wondered where your gemstones come from, he is the one to ask!) Rob is currently working on a partnered exhibition with the Crow Museum of Asian Art, showcasing the natural beauty of this cultural heritage item of China in the context of other Chinese arts as related to concepts of beauty and the importance of stone.

We will have a private, intimate visit at the gallery and discuss the quartz, crystals, mining, and natural gems.

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