E-Book China Crystalline Treasures

Crystalline Treasures,
The Mineral Heritage of China

This spectacular azurite and malachite specimen, from Liufengshan Mine in Anhui Province is truly one of a kind! Part of the China Crystalline Treasures Collection, this sliced and polished specimen resembles two cute feet.

Dr. Robert Lavinsky's collection of world-class Chinese minerals is detailed in Crystalline Treasures, The Mineral Heritage of China. Dozens of images are included from provinces across China, and notable authors contributed articles detailing the differences in the cultural perspective of Chinese and Western collectors in regards to mineral and rock collecting.

For those unfamiliar with Chinese minerals, learn about Chinese minerals as the book begins by offering insight to the history of mineral collecting in China. A folio section follows with incredible professional images of fine mineral specimens broken down by geographical province, providing a unique opportunity for readers to visually see differences in mineral species between areas of the country.

Read more about the exhibit at www.ChinaCrystallineTreasures.com. Images from the Crystalline Treasures opening party, video footage, and pictures of the exhibit are all included on the site.

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