China Crystalline Treasures

China Crystalline Treasures 中国矿晶珍宝

This spectacular azurite and malachite specimen, from Liufengshan Mine in Anhui Province is truly one of a kind! Part of the China Crystalline Treasures Collection, this sliced and polished specimen resembles two cute feet. This spectacular azurite and malachite specimen, from Liufengshan Mine in Anhui Province, is truly one of a kind!

It seems that the hottest localities of new and emerging fine minerals are all located in China, but Dr. Robert Lavinsky has had his eye on Chinese fine minerals for years. The Arkenstone has assembled a collection of many of the world's finest Chinese minerals. Containing a variety of localities, species, shapes, and sizes, this collection really is a treat! Whether you like thumbnail minerals, fabulous gemstones, or dazzling natural gold specimens, every mineral collector will be able to enjoy the incredible fine mineral specimens included in China Crystalline Treasures.


罗伯特·莱温斯基博士为这些来自中国的特殊矿物能够在公众面前展示而感到十分的骄傲。这些展览品目前在美国亚利桑那大学的弗莱德鲁科学中心和天文馆展出。如果喜欢跟多的信息,请联系我们中国分公司经历陈小俊, 你会图片的我们上海馆,去中国矿晶珍宝网站,或者访问我们在上海展长沙展,还有跟多的国际矿物展会。

[quote]Many of China’s minerals are the best in the world. The size and sparkle of China’s incredible stibnite specimens have no equal. Few other localities can match China’s fluorites, specimens that come in a gorgeous array of colors and crystals. And the rich red and orange hues of China’s calcite crystals delight collectors around the globe. The specimens on loan for this exhibit come from Dr. Rob Lavinsky, one of the world’s foremost collectors of Chinese minerals. Whether you’re already a mineral collector, or new to the world of gems and minerals, the specimens in this exhibit will delight you.
The University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center Exhibit Review[/quote]


China Crystalline Treasures Book Cover

Exhibit Opening

China Crystalline Treasures debuted during the 2013 Tucson show and was very well received by the attending mineral dealers, collectors, diplomats, and friends. Dr. Robert Lavinsky's long-time fascination with Chinese minerals is one of the reasons why The Arkenstone recently opened a gallery in Shanghai, China.

China Crystalline Treasures Companion Book

Additionally, a companion book was published with the cooperation of The Mineralogical Record. In an effort to share The Arkenstone's love for Chinese minerals, we have arranged for the companion book to be available to read online! Read China Crystalline Treasures, the Mineral Heritage of China online!

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