Fine Minerals - Natural Art from The Arkenstone

Natural Art

While the world of man-made art is well-known, the incredible beauty of fine minerals, earth's natural art, is still relatively unknown. For some of the most precious specimens, miners have literally moved mountains to extract these hidden treasures. From secret mine pockets, mountain passes, dirt roads, and rusty cars, these specimens are gently cleaned and become some of the most beautiful works of art ever given to the world. As this industry moves from a hidden hobby to an emerging worldwide asset class, there is unprecedented access to images, information, and fine mineral specimens.

The Arkenstone, located in Dallas, Texas, is the world's foremost dealer in these natural pieces of art. Our 10,000 square foot facility includes a showroom featuring hundreds of specimens from all corners of the globe.

Fine minerals blur the lines between natural art and fine art[hr]

Fine Mineral Specimens

It doesn't take long to realize why these fine mineral specimens are true treasures and prime examples of natural art. Formed naturally thousands and millions of years ago, these minerals are carefully extracted from mines across the globe and transferred to new homes. Enjoy some of our favorite natural art pieces below.


Natural Interior Decor

Natural decor has been trending like mad in recent years. From polished agate slabs to amethyst geodes, neutral metallic pyrite to bold shocks of color, incorporating minerals and crystals into decor manages to refine nature into a chic household statement. Whether we're working directly with clients or with interior decorators and firms, The Arkenstone has a variety of minerals in different sizes, colors, and price points to provide a perfect accent to homes and offices.

Decor Photography

While these pieces are incredible when viewed in person, The Arkenstone and Joe Budd Photography wanted to provide even clearer and crisper visuals of the delicacy and intricacy of these fine mineral specimens. Through incredible mineral photography, it is now even easier to enjoy these pieces. The Arkenstone has hundreds of high-resolution art decor photography that can be custom sized and framed to fit your home and office. For ordering information or assistance selecting images that meet your needs, you can contact us at


If you're interested in learning more about the formation of these fine minerals and natural art, you might find it interesting to read some of our free e-books or other Arkenstone publications. We always welcome guests to our Dallas or Shanghai offices by appointment. For scheduling, e-mail us at