A New Standard In Thumbnail Storage And Display - Crystal Showcase Boxes

Sep 5, 2022

For many decades, the ‘Perky Box’ – named for Willard Perkin – has been the go-to standard for thumbnail specimen storage and display. However, with the rise in thumbnail collecting as a primary collection focus and the increasing amount of collectors who choose to proudly display their thumbnails in showcases rather than store in drawers, the demand for a solution that meets the high presentation and aesthetics demands of modern collectors has grown rapidly.

To further assist our customers in enhancing their collections, we’re proud to announce our exclusive partnership with OPENALLDAY as the sole North American distributor of their Crystal Showcase™️ boxes!

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These boxes offer key features that ‘Perky Boxes’ do not: The lid is acrylic and completely removable and unhinged, allowing for an easy transition from storage to display without visible hinges; the table insert is plastic instead of styrofoam, which elevates the aesthetics of a display and does not degrade as quickly as the foam inserts; they are slightly larger than ‘Perky Boxes’ giving plenty of breathing room for safer storage, and some extra room for larger, ‘box-buster’ specimens that otherwise would not have fit inside a ‘Perky Box’ easily; and they are ‘tried and true’ display solutions for show displays and award-winning competition cases – eliminating the need to dismount and remount onto ‘competition-worthy’ bases!

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David Tibbits’ 2022 TGMS Thumbnail Competition display won 1st Place Advanced Thumbnails and Best in Show – Advanced Class.

We are also proud to utilize these boxes in our own personal displays, with members of our own staff utilizing these for their thumbnail displays to elevate their specimens and provide a clean overall look.

We strongly believe that these boxes are the best solution on the market for long-term archival level storage of thumbnail specimens, as well as an elevated display option for thumbnail specimens in showcases and competitive displays!

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Alex Venzke’s personal thumbnail collection, featuring specimens mounted in Crystal Showcase boxes. Some specimens shown here with box lids on, for reference.