The Arkenstone Heading to Chenzhou, 2015

Mar 15, 2015

We’re excited to hit the road this May for the 2015 China (Chenzhou) Mineral and Gem Show.

After two years in Changsha, the show has officially moved to Chenzhou, also in Hunan Province. We’ll be bringing new worldwide fine mineral specimens to the show to share the beauty of natural art and fine minerals. The new Chenzhou Mineral Show provides a unique opportunity for a mineral show surrounded by the mines from which this natural art is found.

The official show guide in English has been hosted here for your convenience and can be downloaded here.

If you come visit the Chenzhou Show, we hope you’ll find time to also visit our fine mineral gallery in Shanghai! With the emerging market of Chinese consumers searching for these pieces of natural art, opening our Shanghai gallery in 2013 was a natural progression in our steps to provide greater access to worldwide fine minerals for sale.

The show in China provides an opportunity to buy fine minerals like aquamarine, gold, pyromorphite, azurite, tourmaline, and many other desirable pieces. A selection of world-class gemstones are also available through The Arkenstone, including incredible green emeralds from Colombia, rich tsavorite garnets, and deep red spinels.

For more information on the China (Chenzhou) Mineral and Gem Show, visit their website here.

With several Chinese speakers on hand, The Arkenstone is happy to help make your visit to CMGS more convenient. Let us know if you need assistance by e-mailing us at

See you soon!

At the Changsha 2014 mineral show, The Arkenstone held a premium spot with hundreds of valuable fine minerals.

The Arkenstone’s Booth at the 2014 CMGS Mineral Show