Shanghai Gallery

Shanghai Gallery

Shanghai Gallery - Front Door ViewIn 2013, we opened our Shanghai gallery and were lucky enough to celebrate with good friends and customers. If you're in Shanghai and would like to visit the gallery, contact us at or contact our China gallery manager, John Chen, at

We also participate in several shows in China throughout the year, including the Shanghai Show and the Changsha Show. We would love to see you there and would be happy to advise you on how to ensure an easy visit.

Inspired by his love for Chinese minerals, and his personal focus on Chinese mineral collecting, Dr. Robert Lavinsky wrote a book with the help of several friends discussing Chinese minerals, the difference between Western and Chinese mineral collecting, and his collection. You can read the e-book for free or visit the China Crystalline Treasures site.

我们的上海馆开业了!来欣赏我们国际一流的矿晶吧! 如果想来了,请联系陈小俊,

The Arkenstone,, has a new gallery in Shanghai, China filled with remarkable specimens. The cases on display contain world-class specimens from across the globe.

The Arkenstone China entryway