Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

Dr. Robert Lavinsky started his career in academia after receiving a B.S. in Biochemistry from Rice University and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from University of California-San Diego. Some of his published scientific papers are listed below.

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Lavinsky, R.M., Jepsen, K., Heinzel, T., Torchia, J., Mullen, T.-M., Schiff, R., Leon Del-Rio, A., Ricote, M., Ngo, S., Gemsch, J., Hilsenbeck, S., Osborne, C.K., Glass, C.K., Rosenfeld , M.G. & Rose, D.W. Diverse signaling pathways modulate nuclear receptor recruitment of N-CoR and SMRT complexes. PNAS USA 95: 2920-2925 (1998).

Heinzel, T., Lavinsky, R.M. (co-first), Mullen, T-M., Soderstrom, M., Laherty, C., Torchia, J., Yang, W.-M., Brard, G., Ngo, S., Davie, J., Seto, E., Eisenman, R.N., Rose, D.W., Glass, C.K. & M.G. Rosenfeld, M.G. A complex containing N-CoR, mSin3 and histone deacetylase mediates transcriptional repression. Nature (Article) 387: 43-48 (1997).

Xu, L., Lavinsky, R.M., Dasen, J., Flynn, S., McInerney, E., Heinzel, T., Szeto, D.,Mullen, T.-M., Korzus, E., Kurokawa, R., Aggarwal, A., Rose, D.W., Glass, C.K. & Rosenfeld, M.G. Distinct Acetyltransferase Activities Required for Regulation of Homeodomain proteins by Coregulatory Complexes. Nature 395: 301-306 (1998).

Laherty, C., Billin, A., Lavinsky, R.M., Yochum, G., Bush, A., Sun, J.-M.,Mullen, T.-M., Davie, J., Rose, D.W., Rosenfeld, M.G., Ayer, D., & Eisenman, R.N. SAP30, a component of the mSin3 corepressor complex involved in N-CoR mediated repression by specific transcription factors. Molecular Cell 2: 33-42 (1998).

Zamir, I., Dawson, J., Lavinsky, R.M., Rosenfeld, M.G. & M.A. Lazar. Cloning and characterization of a novel component of the nuclear hormone receptor repression complex. PNAS USA 94: 14400-14405 (1997).

Soderstrom, M., Vo, A., Heinzel, T., Lavinsky, R.M., Yang, W.-M., Seto, E., Peterson, D., Rosenfeld, M.G. & Glass, C.K. Differential effects of N-CoR expression levels on retinoic acid receptor-mediated repression support the existence of dynamically regulated corepressor complexes. Molecular Endocrinology 11 682-692 (1997).