Profiling a Collector: Christian Quintin

Apr 4, 2016

Artist and mineral collector Christian Quintin has been a friend to the company for quite some time, and he has completed several commissioned works for Dr. Lavinsky. We’re taking a minute to highlight his story and his art.

A painting of Chinese fluorite by Christian Quintin

What is your background?

I was born in Bretagne, on the North West coast of France. I studied art at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris before moving to the United states.

Did you always plan to be an artist?

I did not plan to be an artist but simply felt compelled to create, whether to write poetry or paint, although as my skills developed, I became aware that I could make it my life’s pursuit. I chose to honor the gift I was given.

What is your favorite medium when you are creating work or why?

I mainly work with oils, pastels, pen and inks and acrylics for large public commissions. I enjoy each medium but as in music, each piece seems to call for its own instrument.

How did you start collecting minerals and what is your focus?

I collected beach and river pebbles, jade south of Big Sur and quartz crystals in the Sierras. The beauty of minerals, their color and perfect forms leave me in awe. There is a magic, a wonder that transcends the known. I prefer to collect perfect gem crystals.

You recently painted a fluorite for Rob, could this be the new start to mineral art for you?

Painting Rob’s Chinese fluorite represented an incredible challenge. I studied Chinese romantic landscape to give it an appropriate background. I love art, I love minerals, to paint them is a commission that fills me with joy and I hope to paint many more.

How would you like your art to be perceived?

I wish my art to be seen as one would read poetry, hopeful that one would wander into its imagery. I do not have a specific message, but I feel compelled to convey the feelings that flow through me and attempt to create something beautiful.

View more of Christian’s work at his website.