Dioptase With Cerussite
Miniature, 4.5 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm
Christoph Mine, Kaokoveld, Namibia
Ex. Charlie Key
A radial spray of pristine, glowing green, elongated dioptase crystals runs across the top of this flowery specimen. The crystals have the gemminess and transparency of this relatively new mine, which will someday be famous I predict. There is some damage to the massive dioptase knoll on which the radiating vertical crystals sit, but this is "matrix" anyhow and does not bother me visually. The brown, vitreous cerussite crystal in the middle is a nice accent. And, for the quality, they are in some ways even better than Tsumeb yet at a much lower price point for a great specimen (for size of crystal but also gemminess and translucency, surely). If from Tsumeb, you really could add a zero to the price these days.