Gold (Large Spinel-Twinned Crystal)
Miniature, 3.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm
Majuba Placers, Pershing County, Nevada, USA
Ex. Scott Kleine
An impressive spinel-twinned gold crystal of very LARGE size, for any locality. All the more impressive then, from the Majuba Placers where generally only small crystals are found. This is a piece that must rank among the best to come out of the deposits, and is considered by Nevada collectors I know to be one of the best golds from the state. Aside from its huge size and locality value, it happens to just be darned good by any standard - it is sharp, bright, complexly crystallized, a floater, and complete all around. It has superb patina with no sign of rounding or weathering. This was in the collection of Scott Kleine, a well-known Nevada collector and author. It has been featured in the recent opus on Nevada minerals, Minerals of Nevada; and also in the Rocks & Minerals GOLD issue and on the Las Vegas mineral shows promotions. We are proud to offer what I feel is a historic rarity for the US or gold collector. Photos by Jeffrey Scovil