Miniature, 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.4 cm
Sonora, Mexico
Ex. Dr. Miguel Romero
This is a flat, pancake-like gold from Mexico, where we see few specimen nuggets come to light despite its other mineral riches. Note the intricate crystallization on the surface! It was formerly in the collection of the late Dr. Miguel Romero, and was on loan display to the University of Arizona for about 10 years in their main showcases. I purchased this collection in 2008, and held this nugget back. Romero's label (and the Museum's) denotes the locality as Mexico. I am told it is probably from Sonora, but in all honesty any detailed records are lost and so the locality can only be said for certain to be Mexican in origin (as befitting his collection, which wsa the best of Mexico!). Because it is a pancake in shape, you get a lot of surface volume for the price! It LOOKS like it should mass about three times its 12 grams, when put on a shelf for display. Comes with Museum label.