Gold With Large Octohedral Cast
Miniature, 3.8 x 3.5 x 2.4 cm
Lake Carey, Western Australia, Australia
Ex. F. John Barlow
I have seen a LOT of Aussie golds over the years and among them there are few I treasure more than specimens which show these strange, large crystallized casts, very rarely found amidst the common "nuggets." This is an unusual locality from which not much specimen gold is produced, and this specimen was in the F John Barlow collection (sold off in 1998). He was a notorious gold nut, with hundreds of specimens from worldwide localities, each aiming for a unique quality or feature. It has a huge octohedron measuring 2 cm across! This piece now is actually a thick cast of gold over an earlier (one wonders, brief?!) generation of the ancient octohedral gold crystal once at its core. Somehow, during the specimen's formation or a later remelting sequence, the form of the original octo was preserved as a hollow cast here. Nevertheless, the specimen is surprisingly hefty at 77 grams and is very robust. I find it particularly interesting to see the 2 cm octohedron perched NEXT TO a ropey, elongated, "tortured" outgrowth, making for a nice contrast.