Hessonite Garnet
Gems and Jewelry, 13.0 mm; 10.68 carats
Hessonite Garnets are some of the most vivid and beautiful gems in the Garnet family. These stones are beloved for their great color and large size stones. Garnets are generally very difficult to find in stones over 4 or 5 carats because the material simply does not often form large, gemmy sections that produce big stones. This gem is really impressive with a rich red color (with a slight orange overtone) and an attractive Flower Round Brilliant cut, but the greatest aspect of this stone is the sheer size! It is very difficult to find a gem of this quality with this color over 10 carats. They are truly few and far between in this size range. The stone is virtually eye clean and the color amazingly very rich. A great opportunity for a Garnet to collector to add a significant gem to their collection.
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