Pezzottaite (Cut By Brett Kosnar)
Gems and Jewelry, 8.21 x 5.40 mm; 1.39 carats
Sakavalana mine, Madagascar
Pezzottaite is one of the great new gem discoveries of the last 20 years. It is a Cesium bearing Beryl species discovered in Madagascar a few years ago, and is only found in two localities in the world. It is definitely one of the most rare and beautiful gems on the market today regardless of the rarity. It is actually one of the great combinations of rarity and beauty that puts it into an elite category of gems. This material was originally thought to be a variety of Beryl, but now stands as its own species. This material has one of the most unique colors in the gem world with a very rich, intense, distinctive pink which truly doesn't resemble any other gem. This is a beautiful stone with a lively rich pink color and an Emerald cut. This gem has obvious inclusions (like most stones over 1 carat), but does have clean gem areas. The supply of Pezzottaite seems to have dwindled to virtually nothing in the past year or so, and the price of the top stones is on the rise. A great rare gem for any collector. This stone was cut by Brett Kosnar.
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