Magnesiotaaffeite-2N2S (Formerly Taaffeite)
Gems and Jewelry, 5.82 x 4.68 mm; 0.68 carats
Ratnapura, Sri Lanka
Taaffeite is one of the great rare gems out there. The species was actually identified from faceted stones that were thought to be mauve color Spinels, but show double refraction, which cannot occur in isometric mineral such as Spinel. Taaffeite has recently been split into two species, i.e., Magnesiotaaffeite and Ferrotaaffeite. The more commonly known gem Taaffeites are found at the type locality at Ratnapura in Sri Lanka, and are among the most highly sought after and valuable gems coming out of Asia. Stones are not often found over 1 carat. This stone is a beautiful, very slightly included, pale lavender color stone with a Step Oval cut. These are definitely some of the rarest and most desirable of collector's stones around, and this is a fine example of a great gem Taaffeite.