Gems and Jewelry, 13.59 mm; 9.67 carats
Santander, Spain
Some of the best color Sphalerite in the world comes from Spain. A large percentage of the stones that come from Spain are on the warmer end of the spectrum, but rarely does one find a stone with a distinct green color like this from Santander. This stone has very good dispersion, color, size and excellent cutting. The color of the stone is a combination of green and yellow, and faces up to show a splendid array of color. This stone is amazingly clean for this material as it is very hard to obtain totally eye clean stones from this area. I would say the gem is very slightly included, but when you find a stone this color with this clarity, and in this size, it is a real treat. I have a hard time finding this color of Sphalerite from Spain, especially in this size. The cut on the stone is a Trillion Brilliant. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to own an attractive, good size, beautiful rare collector stone.
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