Star Sapphire
Gems and Jewelry, 10.9 x 8.6 mm; 6.78 carats
Sri Lanka

This is a beautiful gemstone. Star Sapphires are among the most unique and desirable of all the Sapphire varieties. These stones are cut when thin, fibrous inclusions inside of the Sapphire crystal are oriented at the correct angle to properly show off the "legs" of the star. When these inclusions are numerous enough to make the stone translucent or opaque, they allow light to be reflected in such a way that a star floats" across the top of the dome of the gem when it is rotated in the light. It is an amazing phenomenon that is only seen in a few gems around the world. The actual "legs" of the star in this stone are amazingly sharp, with virtually no breaks and excellent consistency throughout. The stone also exhibits a light lavender blue color, and is a fantastic example of a classic Sri Lankan Star Sapphire.