Gems and Jewelry, 5.8 mm; 0.89 carats
Another wonderful rare gem! Nambulite is a Manganese silicate that is only found in a few world localities, the most famous being the Kombat mine near Tsumeb. This material is almost never seen in cut stones, and the best crystals came out of the ground long ago, never to be mined again. All of the best cut stones are buried away in collections now. This material has a distinctive orange-red or pinkish-red color and most collectors do not have a cut Nambulite in their collections. Now this stone is translucent, not true gem quality, but you rarely see these gems available for purchase, so I think that scarcity of this stone makes up for the fact that it isn't as gemmy as some would like. The stone has a Round cut and I'm sure it will find a home in somebody's rare stone collection.